Beach Belly Dance and Arts Studio

All bellies are beach bellies.

Solo Performer Registration

Solo Performer Registration – Please read carefully. You are responsible for being aware of the information this registration form contains.

AT THE FRONT GATE: There is no dancer registration fee, however you will be charged a reduced entry fee of $7.00/person LISTED ON THIS FORM at the front gate. Anyone who is not listed by name on this form or who does not fill out a Registration Form of their own, will be charged the full Patron Admittance of $10.00/person. “To be decided” and variations thereof DO NOT QUALIFY, as we need to know ahead of time who is getting the discounted admittance.  When you check in all performers will be required to sign a media waver. We will be taking photos and videos of all performances to be used in future Beach Belly Dance Festival promotion.

MUSIC: Please bring your music on a burned CD (NOT Memorex - they don't work with our sound systems) labeled with your performing name, track number, and (if possible) the name and artist of the song(s) you're performing to. We ask that we be allowed to keep your performance music, so that if necessary we will be able to dub over any audio problems that show up in the video. Please remember to test your CD in several different CD players before the show to help ensure that it will function smoothly. Mp3 will work with our system however we ask you to still have a backup CD.

TIMING: All performers are expected to be stage-ready at least one hour before their scheduled stage time. We will have a copy of the stage schedule posted in the dressing room for your convenience. Performances will begin at 11 A.M. both days, so if you're scheduled to dance at 11 please be stage-ready by 10:00.

THIS IS A FAMILY EVENT! When selecting your costuming, be aware of the level of modesty it provides. We require all dancers to wear harem pants under their skirts. We will be providing safety pins to help ensure costume security, but please also bring your own.

Registration Deadline: July 9th, 2016

*What kind of performance? (Check all that apply)
Live Music
Other (specify in the next field)
*What day would you like to perform?
Both days

If you wish to teach workshops and/or vend in addition to performing solo, please mark the corresponding circle(s) below and fill out the appropriate form(s), i.e., Vendor Registration Form, Instructor Registration Form, etc.. If you intend to perform a duet, please fill out a "Troupe/Duet Registration Form" as well. There is no registration fee for Duet performances this year. This helps us highlight you and your business during the Festival and in our Program. If you intend to vend, you MUST have at least one helper to watch your booth while you are otherwise engaged.  *Do you wish to vend at this event?
Yes  No
*Do you wish to teach workshops at this event?
Yes  No
*Will you be performing with a troupe or duet in addition to soloing?
Yes, with a troupe  Yes, with a partner (Duet)  Yes, both  No
Please fill in the information for the song(s) you intend to perform solo to (Please no more than three, or ten minutes). We request that you bring your music on a burned CD (NOT a Memorex please, as they don't consistently work with our sound systems) and allow us to keep that CD. We will be recording all performances on the main stage, and we will need your music to dub over any extra noise the camera picks up. Please test your CD in several different kinds of playing devices before the Festival, and you might think about making an extra copy just in case. Thank you :)
Please list all your Guests/Helpers below, and a good phone number or email address for each. We will be using their contact information in case of emergencies. If they wish to perform, teach, or vend, they must fill out the appropriate Registration Form(s). Individuals listed get the reduced admission rate of $7.00/per person. Anyone not listed here who does not fill out a Registration Form will be charged the patron admission rate of $10.00/person. "To be decided" and variations thereof DO NOT QUALIFY, as we need to be able to verify identity upon arrival.