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          Beach Belly Dance Festival 2012

      Those of you who came to enjoy or participate in Beach Belly Dance Festival 2013 in August last year, write to us and tell us what you thought! We're looking for feedback. What did you enjoy? What can we improve? We will read and select letters to post in this section.

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      Students' Testimonies

          "I met Varyin almost three years ago. When I found out she was a belly dance instructor, I couldn't believe my luck! I had always admired belly dancers: beautiful, graceful, controlled and confidant, they were everything I wasn't. I had always been reserved and shy. I began taking her beginner classes immediately, and they have done me more good than I could have imagined. They were well-explained and easy to follow, and when I have had trouble she and my classmates have always been patient and understanding.

"I danced (and performed) all through my first pregnancy. I had been dancing about a year when I found out I was going to be a momma, and I decided that unless I was unable to continue I would keep dancing all the way through. It kept me fit and energetic despite my strawberry shortcake binges. Delivery was relatively easy, although since she's my first baby I don't have much to compare to. Afterwards, though, I bounced back to my normal shape really quickly and neither one of us had any complications. Thanks, belly rolls!

"I've been performing with the Beach Bellies for a bit over two years now, and I take advantage of every opportunity I get. It's still scary, going onstage and showing the whole world what I can do. Performing opens me up to potential criticism from all angles. But everyone I've met so far, both in class and at performances, have been very supportive and encouraging. I have alot of learning to do still but with the help of Var'Yin and my sister dancers, I can handle just about anything."

 - Hadassah (belly dancer, Beach Belly Member since 2011)

P.S. - A quick update. I went to Shimmy Shake and Share with the Beach Bellies this last January, and had a FABULOUS time! Asrai Minch and I built a choreography to Shakira's "Whenever, Wherever-Sahara version," and when we got onstage I was extra nervous to find that we had switched starting positions by mistake! We did the whole routine backwards! By the end, we were laughing so hard all my fear disappeared and we just had a great time with it. What an amazing experience! I will never forget what I learned: Smile pretty and keep dancing, and pretty soon it will all fall into place. Thank you to all the lovely people who made it happen. I lok forward to seeing you there next year! - Hadassah