Beach Belly Dance and Arts Studio

All bellies are beach bellies.

Meet The Instructor

Varyin Parham has performed and taught workshops at numerous events, festivals and night clubs throughout the Pacific Northwest. She is a natural performer that took quickly to belly dance in 1997 with master instructors Zaphara and Saqra. After receiving her Instructors Certificate in 2008, .... read more

1-hr Workout Belly Dance Class


Available for private or group bookings - $20.00/per student +.25 per ml

Varyin’s Belly Dance Workout class is a fun way to burn calories and tone your core. Using a mixture of stretches and beginner belly dance techniques, you will increase your strength, coordination, and stamina. Every class begins with yoga stretches designed to wake up your muscles and get ready to move. Once you’re warmed up, Varyin will begin the workout portion of the class. She uses beginner belly dance isolation to introduce you to the basics of belly dance movement, and gradually picks up speed as you gain confidence in your technique. She rotates through a series of different moves, working each part of your core for a satisfying exercise experience. At the end of the class there is always a “cool down” portion reviewing the yoga stretches to help keep your muscles loose the next day.